James West
Aliases Aliases
Birthplace Town, City
Date of Birth Current Year is 1904
Age Your Age
Family Any Family? Living or dead
Affiliations Any groups or clubs?
Species Human
Occupation Criminal
Abilities Your skills?
Weapon Fist, Weapons of Choice, if any
Unique Trait Unique traits?(Hair, Eyes, Scars?)
Goal Your goal?


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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James has two Automail prosthetic legs and an automail prosthetic arm.

Concealed within the knee cap of the left automail leg is a 1.5 inch carbine canon. The canon has a limit of three shots unless reloaded. Concealed within the shin of the right automail leg is a large carbon blade that can be extended out with just a thought and than concealed once agan. The blade is capable of sliding through steel with ease and is intended to be used with his kicks. Together the legs grant him amazing speed surpassing that of a normal human, also allowing him amazing jumps and powerful kicks.


Speed Strength Durability Combat Alchemy Reflex Total
Level 8 6 4 4 1 6 29


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